PARIS part 1, old work, new edits!

I did some re-edits of a bunch of my images from Paris 2014. No more talk, just images 😉

IMG_0158A2020 (Groot) naam

Rainy Louvre

IMG_0603A2020 (Groot) naam

Louvre long exposure

IMG_0624A2020 (Groot) naam

View from Montparnasse

IMG_1095A2020 lucht (Groot) naam

View from Montparnasse in the blue hour

IMG_1645A2020 (Groot) naam

Notre Dame on a rainy day before the fire

IMG_1660A2020 (Groot) naam

Notre Dame from the side before the fire

IMG_1703A2020 (Groot) naam

Sacre-Coeur dome

IMG_3347A2020 (Groot) naam

Sunset Eiffeltower

IMG_3377A2020 (Groot) naam

Disco Eiffeltower

IMG_3397A2020 (Groot) naam

Eiffeltower at night from Trocadero square

IMG_3688_89A2020 (Groot) naam

Sunset at the Arc de Triomphe

IMG_3825A2020TOP (Groot) naam

Traffic at the Champ-Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe

IMG_4627A2020 (Groot) naam


IMG_4666A2020 (Groot) naam

Eiffeltower at the blue Seine river

IMG_4708A2020 (Groot) naam

Sunset Eiffeltower from Montmartre

IMG_4753A2020 2 (Groot) naam

Place de la Tetre with Sacre-Coeur

IMG_4778A2020 (Groot) naam

Night Eiffeltower from Montmartre

IMG_5103A2020 (Groot) naam


IMG_5698A2020 2 (Groot) naam

Eiffeltower from Trocadero square long exposure

IMG_9981A2020 2ZW NAAM (Groot)

Eiffeltower long exposure

IMG_9981A2020 NAAM (Groot)

Eiffeltower vintage clouds

First image 2020

I have edited the very first image of 2020 and lets share! 🙂

It’s a 180 degree panorama at the Kloveniersburgwal shot at 6:40am in spring a couple of years ago. Big advantage of the morning blue hour is of course the mirror-like reflection, no photoshop needed (what you unfortunately see so often…)


7C0A6158A PANO NAAM (Aangepast).jpg

Amsterdam in winter, at night and some more testing

Hi there, back with some hometown shooting and testing different effects, filters, settings etc.

Let’s start with some night shots with (or without) the moon on some cold winter nights 😉

First a very famous touristic spot on the Singel canal, blue hour 14mm wide angle

7C0A0599_00A LOGO - kopie (Groot)

Next a 180 degree panorama, same night, at a nice intersection at the Brouwersgracht and the Herengracht, one canal behind the previous image

7C0A0622A PANO LOGO - kopie (Groot)

Same place, next day, now with the moon above the canal houses in the blue hour

7C0A0733A_4B_5C_fused adj 2 LOGO - kopie (Groot)

And back to the Singel again, same spot as the first image, this time also with the moon shining bright. Taken with the Samyang 14mm, I guess at f9 (manual, so not sure)

7C0A0743D_4E_5F_fused adj 2 LOGO - kopie (Groot)

This is at the Bloemgracht, as you can see next to the Westerkerk church. Beautiful little canal but difficult to capture because of the tight working space and therefor extreme angles needed. Maybe next time I’ll try to panorama this spot…

7C0A0763_64A LOGO - kopie (Groot)

PORTO, a small selection

Some of the many images I shot in Porto, Portugal, on our short trip back in 2016, let’s call it my top 10 😉

In random order:

Torre dos Clérigos 


Porto balconies


Porto skyline panorama at the Douro river


Porto waterfront with Rabelo boats


Ponte Luiz I at night


Cloisters of the Porto Cathedral


Ponte Luiz I over the river Douro 


Rabelo boats in the Douro river


Port cellar in Porto


Felgueiras Lighthouse


Skiing in the Dolomites

Unfortunately we won’t go skiing this year (for 2 obvious reasons) but we do have the memories of our vacation back in 2016. Here is a small selection (1,63% haha) of the images I shot.

Hotel view, called panorama hutte for obvious reasons


The reason why we go, zussie on the slopes


Drinking coffee with the birds, a collage of great tits and a nuthatch


Panoramic view from the neighbours, a great place for all kind of shots


Dark view down the strada Furcia in the valley


And some star trails with a big moon at night