7 thoughts on “Amsterdam

  1. Dennis, my wife Sonja who is from Amsterdam has just bought this picture for her office. Can you remember which Bridge and which Canal the photo was taken from. Be great to know , Thanks Keith.

  2. Hi, Dennis! My boyfriend and I got this picture as a puzzle for Valentine’s day this year, and now we’re going to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks. A fair amount of googling brought me to this page, thank you so much for sharing the location so that I can surprise him by taking him to the same exact spot! Lovely picture.

  3. Hi Dennis, first of all my compliments for your works: colorfull and gay (if one can still use that word)….
    But, als geboren en getogen amsterdamse, nu in het buitenland, welke gracht is dit??

  4. Thanks for posting. I bought a jigsaw puzzle based on this lovely picture but the manufacturer cropped the picture on the box! So now I can see the details on the right hand side to complete it.

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