2 days in Antwerp!

A while ago we had the pleasure (work) to visit Antwerp again. Always great to just walk around (because it’s not too big) and drink some beers (just because).

One of the places we always (want to) visit is off course the Zoo, no explanation needed. At such places I need to be careful not to fill up my CF-card within an hour, so I focused my attention on the silverback Gorilla and tried to get some close-up shots. He was not amused, but I still got some pretty good shots through the poop-smeared window!


Not amused…


Gorilla hand (with the thumb in a funny angle)

Oh, and there was also a tiger who went for a swim. Like half of my shots were of this tiger, so I had no choice but to include 1 shot here!


Tiger in the water

Next stop has to be the ‘Grote Markt’ town square with the Brabo fountain, the golden houses, the beautiful city hall (not shown here) and in the background the Cathedral of our Lady. Last time we went there was a Christmas market going on, but this time the square was nice and empty, just the way I like it! Nb; The Brabo fountain has a yellow Tour de France jersey on, silly Belgians…


Golden houses in the blue hour


Brabo fountain and the Cathedral

Last, I visited the relative new MAS-building, a really cool museum in the harbor with the possibility to go to the roof (yes: free) and see over all over Antwerp. I planned a sunset timelapse, but forgot my intervalometer, so I was home early. But not before I took some cool photos of the view and the actual building itself (even from the inside)!


‘Loodsgebouw’, no idea what they do over there, but it looks nice


View from inside MAS

So that’s it for now, thanks for reading and looking at my (small) selection of Antwerp in 2 days! Hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Cheers!

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