Twins! And 5.000 uploads and 70.000 sales at shutterstock!

It has been quiet for a long time, but with good reason. Since the birth of our twins in August I’ve been as busy as always, only now more in the diaper-changing category and not so much with photography…

So before we go back to business first a family portrait! With fltr; Mirte, Mary Kee, Vera Ann and me!

7C0A2289A4 (Large).jpg

But! There’s is photography news too!

When the family was asleep I’ve managed to increase my shutterstock portfolio up to 5,000 images! I believe I was already at 4985 3 months ago, but nevertheless the 5K has been reached! The lucky photo is one of the massive Montagne de Bueren staircase in Liege. It may not be the most amazing image that I have in my portfolio, but I can’t help it’s always raining in Belgium…

IMG_3679A mensweg (Large).jpg

The same week I also sold my 70,000th image on shutterstock! The jubileum sale is one of my new bestsellers. I sort of stole the idea from myself and recreated my own all time best selling shutterstock image. Same idea, but another time and place.

IMG_5926A_7B_8C_tonemapped adj2 LOGO (Large).jpg

So that’s it again for now! Thanks for reading and see you soon!


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