Back to Amsterdam!

Back to business also! It’s been (and will be) busy, but I’ll try to keep posting some more of the series I’m working on.

Last blog I posted some cityscapes of Amsterdam, and I think this blog won’t be much different, except that I’m working more towards autumn.

So, as a wise man once said: ‘Enough talk!’ (Conan the Barbarian) and start showing some photos!

I guess it will be all be standard classic places, so let’s start with the Brouwersgracht. I live at 5 minutes of this place, and sometimes it doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves because it’s so close by, so here it is

7C0A5928G_29H_30I_tonemapped adj crop LOGO (Large).jpg

Next image was the reason for my venture; I was hunting for the rise of the full moon at the Muntplein. Unfortunately it was a bit hazy and of course the moon wasn’t exactly where I hoped it would be, so instead of telezoom I switched back to slight wide angle and this is the result. So no big full moon, but still a nice cityscape at the flowermarket.

7C0A6025_26A logo (Large)

Last in this serie is another well known spot at the Keizersgracht. On my way home I had to stop here (again) and take some shots. This is actually a cropped panorama, because I wanted to include the streetlights.

7C0A6052A PANO crop 2 2 LOGO (Large)


Hope you enjoyed my evening and see you next time!

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