Autumn is coming early this year!

Next series I’m posting here will be a colorful one. Not as if my other series aren’t colorful, but this year autumn is brought to you early, so be prepared for some vibrancy!

Actually, I’m so far behind with processing my images that it looks like summer already ended in the Netherlands, but the truth is that the fall of 2015 was a very beautiful one as I will show below 😉

Let’s start with a beautiful aerial view of the forest at the Kaapse toren. This tower is very easy to get to and provides an amazing 360 view of the surrounding landscape. This is a cropped 180 degree double exposure blended panorama where I blurred out the sky to make it a bit more smooth since there were lots of chemtrails 😉 I’ve tried to work with filters, but it was to windy at the top and the tower was swinging too much to get sharp results.

7C0A2113_14A PANO 2 crop2lucht LOGO (Large)

Autumn had also arrived in the city, maybe a bit less visible, but there are still enough signs to give away the season with its colors. The following shot of the Rijksmuseum I’ve had in mind for a while and early in the morning is the only moment when traffic isn’t constantly in the frame. Unfortunately, one car still managed to squeeze in, but nevertheless I’m quite satisfied with this result.

7C0A1716D_7E_8F_tonemapped adj recht LOGO (Large).jpg

Next image is a 5 step HDR which I took from a couple of steps leading up to a canal house. Because of the massive dynamic range with the backlight and to avoid blown out highlights (which I really don’t like to say the least), I was forced to shoot from -4 to +4, so a 24-steps difference.

7C0A1856A_57B_58C_59D_60E_tonemapped adjcrop logo (Large).jpg

Same place, same time, just a different approach and angle. This is a double exposure and for a change I’ve included people in the image to add even more dutch culture to it with the bicycles 😉 So another typical vibrant sunrise in autumn on the iconic Amsterdam canals!

7C0A1866_69A logo (Large).jpg

The next morning was also nice and quiet, like almost every morning, with beautiful sunrise colors and mirror reflections in the canals. So one more of the canals in autumn, this one featuring the 19th century church ‘De Duif’ (‘The Dove’) at the Prinsengracht canal. Truly a divine sunrise I would say 😉

7C0A1999D_2000E_2001F_tonemapped adj logo (Large)

Last image of this blog is something different. It is taken the night before the image above, on my to work instead of on my way home, but when I saw the full moon peeking through the skyscrapers I had to take a quick photo. There wasn’t much space to take a step back, so I whipped out my 14mm and shot straight up. I think the perspective really adds to the dynamics so I didn’t correct it, hope you like it!

7C0A1972A2 LOGO (Large)


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