Some catching up!

So! It’s been like half a year ago since I last posted anything. I’ve been way too busy with all kind of other things like having twins etc…

In this blog I’m going to fast forward a bit to catch up to where I’m at the moment with my images and also showcase some of my work what I find in the streets 😉

First I’m excited to have my Baobab Alley photo chosen to be featured in the Oxfam Novib 2019 merchandise (cards, calendars, agenda etc)

IMG_20180920_134609 (Groot)

Further, I’m always seeing my images everywhere in the streets, sometimes even as weird as a grilled ham and cheese sandwich on the beach in Spain or a brochure for help after suicide…

IMG-20170605-WA0004     IMG_20180909_095559 (Groot).jpg

Last week I saw the same image at Schiphol airport (where a lot of my work can be spotted), used by a mayor cheese company

IMG_20181025_145829 (Groot).jpg     IMG_20181025_145656 (Groot).jpg

And a while ago I also saw this one, used by a hotel at Schiphol as backwall


Fun stuff, but now let’s move on and show some work I’ve been doing the last months. Let’s start where I ended (Autumn is coming early this year!) and add one more autumn view I really like. A wide angle (14mm) macro image of some fungi on a tree on the ground. Weird looks from some hikers in the woods, but I think it was worth some wet and dirty clothes.

7C0A2310A2 NAAM (Groot)

Next some shots from Leiden, my birthplace, so I better share a few beautiful images of the city. No story’s, just images (probably the way you like it ;))

7C0A2616D_7E_8F_tonemapped adj NAAM (Groot)

7C0A2695G_6H_7I_tonemapped adj NAAM (Groot)

7C0A2729_30A crop NAAM (Groot)

7C0A2710_11A NAAM (Groot)

7C0A3399D_400E_401F_tonemapped adj crop NAAM (Groot)

7C0A3522_23A NAAM (Groot)

7C0A3584_85A NAAM (Groot)

7C0A5465A_6B_7C_tonemapped adj NAAM (Groot)

7C0A5560A NAAM (Groot)

7C0A5900_01A NAAM (Groot)

7C0A5902A NAAM (Groot)

We have also visited Eindhoven at GLOW (totally random, I know haha);

7C0A3037G_8H_9I_fused adj NAAM (Groot).jpg

And of course some more Amsterdam shots, this time with a spooky atmosphere in the fog and also a couple with one of the most amazing sunsets at the Damrak and Red light district;

7C0A2755_56A Pano NAAM (Groot)

7C0A2812_13A crop NAAM (Groot)

7C0A2903A PANO NAAM (Groot)

7C0A2851A NAAM (Groot)

7C0A5167A_8B_9C_tonemapped adj NAAM (Groot)

7C0A5240D_1E_2F_tonemapped2 adj NAAM (Groot)

And last… even more Amsterdam (of course…)! These images are shot during the Light Festival with all kind of art projects in the canals, but I mostly prefer the canals without art 🙂

7C0A5683G_4H_5I_tonemapped adj NAAM (Groot)

7C0A5707J_8K_9L_fused adj NAAM (Groot)

7C0A5823A PANO crop NAAM (Groot)

Thanks and Cheers!






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